How Well Do Antidepressants Work?

The Most Recent Research Will Surprise You.

antidepressants Chemical imbalance theories have long been posited as a basis for antidepressant medications. These theories, although largely unfounded, untested, and unproven, provide the foundation for medications sold by the millions of doses. Read more

Just What The Doctor Should Not Order

Every Symptom Doesn't need A Drug

Sadly, the reasons have less to do with patient care than with big pharma bonus payments to doctors and pharmaceutical ads creating artificial consumer demand. Mental health drugs are the fastest growing segment for the drug industry. In 2017, the number of prescriptions written for antidepressant medications exceeded 65 million resulting in billiond of dollars in sales. Read more

Drugs Becoming Part Of The Popular Culture

TV Programs Give The Wrong Message

Many popular programs air episodes touting the benefits of antidepressants. Are our children needlessly being led to believe that these drugs will make us all happy when we are sad? Read more

How Much Does Your Doctor Really Know About Drugs?

Are We Expecting Too Much?

How Much Does Your Doctor Really Know About Drugs? Most physicians are dedicated and hard working professionals but can they be expected to know everything? When it comes to treating patients with behavioral or mental disorders, it is clear that they know a lot less than you need them to know. Read more

Contrary To Popular Belief

You Are Not Getting The Best Information about Drugs

You Are Not Getting The Best Information about Drugs Most physicians routinely do not provide important information to their patients when they prescribe a medication. Research shows that only 62% of the necessary information about a medication is communicated to patients. Only, 35% of physicians advised patients of the adverse effects associated with a medication. In an attempt to address this problem, it has become public policy to require dispensing pharmacists to provide the missing information that the physician is either too under-informed or too rushed to provide. Read more

Patients Deserve Real Mental Health Specialists

Health Insurers Are Denying You Quality Care

Patients Deserve Real Mental Health Specialists Health insurers and managed care are the gatekeepers for behavioral health services. As a result, their costs have dropped 40% by delaying services, denying claims, arduous utilization review procedures and phantom panels. The U.S. Surgeon General in a report on mental health admitted that private health insurance is generally more restrictive in coverage of mental illness than in coverage for somatic illness. Read more

Help Make Psychotropic Medications Safe

Sign The Petition To Make This Happen

You can help by signing a petition to The Department of Health and Human Services asking them to require mental and behavioral treatment before reimbursing for a medication. Read the full petition HERE

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